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        J oin us


           1、Recruitment requirement

        1Electrical engineer:electrical engineering and automation, mechatronics, mechanical design, etc.

        2Instrument engineer:process equipment and control, electrical automation, measurement and control technology and instrumentation and other related majors;

        3Engine engineer: related major in thermal energy and power or chemical process;

        4Civil engineering engineers:civil engineering, building structure and other engineering construction related major;

           2、Recruitment condition

        (1)  Basic requirements: healthy health, good ideological and moral qualities, suitable for job recruitment, no illegal and disciplinary records, no employment agreements signed with other units.

          (2)Education requirements: full-time undergraduate degree or above.

        (3)Language requirements: college English CET 4 or above, good English communication skill

          (4)  Other: good communication and coordination skills; able to bear hard work, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

          (5)  Workplace: Singapore and Shanghai.

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