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        S cope Of Business


        With increasing demand on the green and environmental friendly energy supply, CIWE have almost diverted itself from conventional power plant using coal as prime fuel to more efficient and clean fuel including natural gas and biomass. Backed by the strong and skillful resource in China, its affiliates and our integrated management and control team, CIWE has successfully completed Palau Seraya CCPP Phase IV project, Quetta Habibullah Coastal CCPP, Beijing Zhengdong CCPP, Tuas Power Plant Stage I & II and recently completed Tuas Power Utilities Tembusu Biomass and Coal Fired Co-gen Plant etc.
        We have also diverted ourselves from execution of transmission and distribution project to substation of different magnitude from which our expertise and experience can be best utilized.  
        With our concept and ultimate objective of “Customer First”, “Quality Non-Compromising” and “Punctuality on Completion”, we will continue to reinforce our global competiveness and commit to ensure deliverable of your assignment.


        With successful completion of equipment and piping erection for ATPPSC II-LPE Project on Pulau Ayer Merbau island in Singaporein 1996, CIWE embraced petro-chemical and related infrastructure as one of its core business.  Meanwhile, CIWE continues to carry on and demonstrate its competitive advantages on logistic terminal, tank farm and other related petrochemical facilities.  CIWE’s outstanding performance as quality builder and schedule builder has strengthened its reputation among the communities we work from customers Exxon to Vopak and from Mobile to Shell.
        We are capable of engineering design, procurement and construction of petrochemical logistic terminal and the project to be highly accounted is Phase 1A till Phase 1E of Shanghai Vopak Logistic Terminal located at Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park.  The project covered onshore and offshore facilities to store and handle more than 30 types of chemical mostly inflammable, explosive or highly toxic in different storage areas including civil, equipment, mechanical, structural, tanks, electrical and instrumentation works.  Our excellent project management, quality control, schedule control has also helped realization of early completion. CIWE’s strong advantage also included EPC of tanks farm of various media ranging from crude oil to dirty tank of various size and materials
        CIWE will continue to pursue global opportunity and reinforce our capability both with leading technology and talent to challenge such promising future with customers.


        CIWE’s Qingdao Steel Works and Fabrication Centre is an JSFA, AISC, CWB and Singapore SSS certified modern fabrication and manufacturing facility offering comprehensive fabrication services including detailed design, full scope fabrication and supply of steel structure and plate works for resource, energy and infrastructure industries including power plants, industrial plants and facilities, mining plants (including iron ore, coal and other minerals), jetty and marine work etc. We also provide block assembly and modularisation of bins, hoppers, chutes, casings, ducts, trusses, complex and large scale structures and provide logistic service to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Our major supply includes:
        ◆ Structural Steel
        ◆ Conveyors
        ◆ Heavy plate work
        ◆ Bins, chutes and tanks
        ◆ Piping
        ◆ Process modules
        ◆ Pressure vessels
        ◆ Hand railing and floor grating.
        Most of our workshops are strategically located near the ports, enabling us for efficient logistical handling of materials and ability for on time delivery of products.
        CIWE provides a trial or pre-assembly before shipping at minimal cost eliminating the need for on-site modifications. A modularisation approach to fabrication is used to enable easier construction of fabricated materials. These services reduce onsite construction costs for our customers.
        With over 18 years of on-schedule delivery, extensive experience and outstanding performance, ability to keep stringent quality control, we ensure, as always, customer specifications and relevant manufacturing standards are met, quality measures of each piece of steel from cutting right through to delivery on site are in place, planning and scheduling as well as progress monitoring are workable and all the safety orientation and safety measures have been provided at all time.
        We will continue to adopt team approach to all projects, ensuring our management, supervisory and project teams are motivated and committed to both the corporate and customer goals of safety, quality and service.


        CIWE has also been involved in the mechanical and piping works for Umm Al Nar Desalination Plant “B” of ADWEA in Abu Dhabi and the complete mechanical and E&I erection and commissioning of Reverse Osmosis Plant of 37.5 MIGD for Fujairah Water & Power Plant of UAE Offsets Group.We will continue to pursue any opportunity of such industries in order to render our excellent service.
        CIWE, along with its partner Andersen 2000 and Montair CAP Engineering. of the USA and the Netherlands, is also capable of providing design, manufacturing, installation and commission of hazardous waste (solid, liquid, sludge and vapor) incineration systems, as well as a wide range of air pollution control systems like cyclones, scrubbers, and packed tower absorbers.  Our technical teams can also provide consulting services related to technology selection and environmental compliance.
        As one of strategies for the betterment of communities, we will keep focusing on our mission and strengthening competence and activities for desalination plant as well as hazardous waste treatment plants in China and other countries

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